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Home Adaptations Consultation Service

Making adaptations to your home can help you to move around it more easily, (for example, using the stairs) and carry out everyday tasks that you want or need to do (for example preparing a meal or having a shower) with greater independence. Our therapists specialise in identifying and recommending adaptations to your home to improve your safety and independence and reduce reliance on carers.
the benefits

How will adapting my home make it
more accessible for me?

OT recommended adaptations to your home can make it more accessible. Practical tasks such as being able to get in and out of your home, using the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and toilet can be made easier for you. Making your home more accessible can help to restore your confidence, dignity and self-respect. Access to and around your home promotes independence, reduces stress and allows you to interact with your family and friends with less practical barriers in the way, thereby reducing social isolation.

Which adaptations will make my home more accessible for me?



Lifts in your home can accommodate your wheelchair giving you increased independence.



Great to help you to get in and out of the house with your wheelchair or other mobility aid.



Find it difficult to get up and down the stairs? A stairlift could really help.


Door Widths for wheelchair access

Allowing you to comfortably navigate your home with your wheelchair.



When suitably positioned around your home rails allow you greater mobility and helps with safety.


Bathroom adaptations

Bathrooms can be adapted with general mobility aids, specialist toilets, easy-access showers and baths, aids and adaptations for wheelchair users and also for the visually impaired.

kitchen adaptations

Lowering worktops to suit the wheelchair user, removing units from below sinks, perch stools, kettle tippers and more.

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Who will be visiting me?

Home Adaptations Consultation Service

Jennifer Kelly

Home Adaptations Consultation Service

James Holman

Both Jennifer and James have over 10 years of experience as occupational therapy adaptations specialists. Jennifer or James will visit you at home to find out more about your situation and will offer recommendations on how to adapt your home to make it more accessible for your needs which will help towards improving your independence.


What Our Clients Say About James and Jennifer

simple steps

How will the process work?


Home Visit

James will visit you for your consultation and to have a chat with you about what you are finding difficult and what you would like to be able to do more independently.


Review Options

During the consultation process, James will discuss your options with you.


We provide a written Report

James will compile a written report of your consultation with a list of recommendations which will be sent to you.

engage your chosen supplier

You can take these recommendations to your chosen supplier.
Accessible Home Service
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How will this service help me?


We're Flexible

We will work with your availability when offering you an appointment.

We can advise on a wide range of product options

We can advise on a range of products to meet your needs and suit your home.

We collaborate with others in your care

We work in collaboration with case managers and other therapists who are involved in your care.

We can provide Reliable contacts

We deal with a range of reliable local independent living companies and we  have links to specialists who can arrange, design, and manage adaptations and home improvements in Kent. 

Please contact us for further information

We’d be happy to have a chat with you to discuss your requirements. Please feel free to call us on 03332225220  or use the contact page to send us a message.

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