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Quality time and opportunities to connect

Let’s Talk… creates quality time and provides opportunities to connect through one to one themed conversations that are accessible and inclusive to all and that are packed with engaging and stimulating activities!

Each Let’s Talk… pack follows a specific theme, and will include conversation starters, pictures, music, and other activities to stimulate your thinking. There may also be interesting facts, poetry and a chance to reminisce. The Let’s Talk… themes offer a variety of subjects relating to the seasons, activities and traditions which we enjoy and are familiar with. Have a look at an example of a Let’s Talk… pack here! 

If you would like to hear from us when we have new Let’s Talk... packs ready then just fill your details out on our contact us page and we will make sure to keep you up to date with all the latest news.

We regularly update the Let’s Talk... titles.
Each Let’s Talk… pack costs £25.
The current titles are:

Let’s Talk...about Harvest:

At harvest time there is a lot going on in the countryside and on farmland. People are busy harvesting in gardens and allotments and from the hedgerows too! Enjoy talking about this and looking at some pictures of harvest and some music that might even take you back to schooldays!

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Let's Talk...about pets:

Let’s Talk about Pets is a subject that is close to many of our hearts…we are a pet loving nation! Enjoy learning some interesting new facts about pets and look at some record breaking pictures.

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At NAPA we are keen to promote resources that focus on conversation and connection. Let’s Talk is a lovely resource. It has been designed by experts in occupation and engagement and considers the needs of those experiencing cognitive decline. The resource is accessible and provides a range of engaging and meaningful activity ideas that promote communication.

Hilary Woodhead, NAPA Executive Director

What is Let's Talk...?

How to get the best out of Let’s Talk…

You can use Let’s Talk… anywhere, at any time and everyone will be able to gain something from it! You will need a device on which to play suggested music (Links are provided to YouTube).
Just listening: Some people may enjoy just listening to Let’s Talk….
The pictures can be shown and the discussion and music listened to with explanation and support provided.
Listening and talking: Discussions can be enjoyed with the questions, pictures and music. Further conversations can develop with or without some explanation and support.
The Let’s Talk… resource can be enjoyed in one sitting (approximately 30-40 minutes) or can be divided into shorter sections.
Make sure you are in a quiet and comfortable place that enables you to enjoy Let’s Talk…

Testimonials about Let's Talk...

I wish that I’d had something like this to use when I was visiting my mother in law in her care home. It would have been really helpful as we often ran out of interesting things to talk about. I love the way that you have presented the information. It’s so easy to follow.

Mrs L

My daughter, who is a carer, will really enjoy using Let’s Talk… with the residents as it gives them something to enjoy talking about together.

Mr D