Kent Occupational Therapy for Adults

Why Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapists use activity to treat people. We are health care professionals who help people of all ages to carry out tasks they want or need to do.

“Activity is essential for human existence, health and well-being. It has the potential to restore, maintain and improve physical and mental health.” (Benchmarking Good Practice in Care Homes. College of Occupational Therapist 2007)

Illness, ageing or disability can present challenges which make achieving everyday tasks more difficult. These activities can include any aspect of daily living from getting up in the morning to preparing a meal, or simply continuing with a favourite hobby.

Occupational Therapists may suggest techniques, strategies or aids and equipment to help improve or maintain health, well-being and independence.

At Kent Occupational Therapy we are committed to providing an outstanding service to the people we work with.

How can Kent Occupational Therapy help you?

When your situation changes due to an accident, illness, disability or age-related challenges we can provide the following Occupational Therapy assessments to enable you to maximise your independence.

We carry out assessments in your home or care setting.

We offer specific advice for people living with Dementia.

Activities of daily living assessment

In this assessment we look together at your daily activities which may include household tasks, looking after yourself, getting around and maintaining hobbies and interests.
We will make recommendations to enable you to carry them out as safely and as independently as possible.

Falls Risk assessment

In this assessment we will look at how you can improve your safety around the home you live in to minimise your risk of falling. This may include us recommending equipment.

Seating assessment

In order to improve your comfort and well being and to make tasks easier to achieve we will look at your chair/ wheelchair and provide recommendations and advice on ways to improve your sitting position.

Mobility and access assessment

We will look at your current mobility aid(s) and access into your home and within your home. We will make recommendations that will help you to maintain and/or improve your independence and mobility.

Environment Matters assessment and report for care settings

This assessment aims to look at ways to make the care setting environment more enabling for its residents. Following a visit to the home we will provide recommendations on the safe, therapeutic and person centred use of both the internal and external environment.

We can also provide the following services

Occupational Therapy Consultation service with Cinque Ports Mobility

This will involve us working alongside Cinque Ports Mobility to look at your activities of daily living. Together we will talk through your needs and look at the equipment that will best suit your situation, enabling you to be as independent as possible.
Kent Occupational Therapy and Cinque Ports Mobility will meet you in Cinque Ports Mobility’s Independent Living Centre where you can test and try out different equipment to see what works best for you.
You will have the Independent Living Centre exclusively for your consultation which will be about an hour.

Activity advice and support

We help you find ways to achieve and enjoy your hobbies and interests again. Or perhaps try some new ones!
We also offer specific activity advice and guidance for people who are living with dementia and their carers.

Life Story

We work with you to compile your memories, photographs and memorabilia to create your ‘Life Story’. This can then be used to help you enjoy and benefit from meaningful conversation and reminiscences with family members and friends/ carers.

Group supervision for Activity Coordinators in care settings

We facilitate group supervision sessions for Activity Coordinators which provide a forum to share ideas, problem solve, learn new techniques and get to know others who work in a similar role.

Multisensory reminiscence activity group in care settings

We provide multisensory reminiscence activity group sessions for up to 8 residents/ clients. These group sessions have been designed and written by us and draw on our experience of working with older adults. Each group session is designed to be suitable for people with a variety of abilities, including for those with dementia. The group sessions help to support memory, sensory function, confidence, communication, connection, as well as overall physical and emotional wellbeing. Activities include group discussion, food tasting, music, poetry and cognitive activities.

These group sessions have been published into a book entitled ‘The Multi-Sensory Reminiscence Activity Book: 52 Weekly Group Session Plans for Working with Older Adults’.


‘I shall never forget the first time I saw the occupational therapists in action. They actually managed to get my mum joining in and talking. It was like they had switched her on again. It wasn’t just my mum, others found their voices again.’

Mrs R. (daughter of a group member)

‘Sophie and Sarah are an integral part of our team. They bring life, light and humour to our residents. They help us to build relationships with our residents which improves their lives.’

Carole Mc Namara Manager at Glendale Lodge, Kingsdown, Kent.

Kent Occupational Therapy is an asset to any health care setting. They deliver a very valuable service to the residents at our care home.
The Occupational Therapists are always extremely polite, pleasant, patient and caring. They are very professional in their approach, skills and knowledge and in their written records.

Manager of Highfield Private Rest HomeMultisensory reminiscence activity group

It was useful to talk everything through with Kent Occupational Therapy who were very supportive and knowledgeable. The report was comprehensive and professional.

Mrs WActivities of Daily Living assessment

Kent Occupational Therapy were knowledgeable and reassuring. Their service was invaluable in giving me confidence to move forward with getting the equipment I needed so that I could be as independent as I can be.

Mrs BActivities of Daily Living assessment

Kent Occupational Therapy gave me confidence and were very kind and helpful. A first class service!

Mr BMobility and Access Assessment for SSAFA

The service from Kent Occupational Therapy was exceptionally useful. Nothing could be improved upon. Kent Occupational Therapy were kind, polite, professional and helpful. They explained everything they were doing in a calm and respectful manner. They answered all my questions. They showed empathy to my situation. I would like to thank them for their service. I would have no hesitation in referring this service to my colleagues .

Mr CSeating Assessment SSAFA

Kent Occupational Therapy carried out Falls Risk Assessments in our home and we invited them to return to assess new residents. We were extremely happy with the service and would highly recommend it.

Pelham House Care HomeFalls Risk Assessment

Person-centred care at its very best. Wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend Kent Occupational Therapy to all.

Cinque Ports Mobility

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