Kent Occupational Therapy for Adults

Why Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapists use activity to treat people. We are health care professionals who help people of all ages to carry out tasks they want or need to do.

“Activity is essential for human existence, health and well-being. It has the potential to restore, maintain and improve physical and mental health.” (Benchmarking Good Practice in Care Homes. College of Occupational Therapist 2007)

Illness, ageing or disability can present challenges which make achieving everyday tasks more difficult. These activities can include any aspect of daily living from getting up in the morning to preparing a meal, or simply continuing with a favourite hobby.

Occupational Therapists may suggest techniques, strategies or aids and equipment to help improve or maintain health, well-being and independence.

At Kent Occupational Therapy we are committed to providing an outstanding service to the people we work with.

Kent Occupational Therapy services for individual adults

Activities of daily living assessment

In this assessment we visit you at home and look together at your daily activities and levels of independence . We make recommendations which aim to enable you to carry out activities that are important to you as safely and as independently as possible.
These activities may include household tasks, looking after yourself, getting around and maintaining hobbies and interests.

We also offer these assessments:
Falls Risk assessment- and how to improve your safety around the home
Seating assessment- to improve your sitting position, increase function and independence.
Mobility assessment- to assess your current situation and to make recommendations.

Activity advice and support

We can work with you to help you engage in meaningful and purposeful activity which is both achievable and enjoyable.
We can offer specific activity advice and guidance for people who are living with dementia.

We can work with someone to put together their ‘Life Story’ which can then be used to help them enjoy and benefit from meaningful conversation and reminiscences with family members and friends/ carers.

Individual Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (ICST)

Individual Cognitive Simulation Therapy is an evidence-based treatment for people with mild to moderate dementia. It involves stimulating, themed activities and has been developed from findings of a number of research studies carried out internationally over the years. Recent studies show that engaging in activity can help make a real, lasting difference in the quality of life of people with dementia. Cognitive Stimulation Therapy provides opportunities for people with dementia to be involved in meaningful activities, keeping their mind active and engaged in an enjoyable way. Individual Cognitive Stimulation Therapy can be an ongoing intervention.

This service can also be offered as an ongoing treatment following the completion of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy group that is offered by mental health teams in the NHS.

Kent Occupational Therapy services within care settings

Multisensory reminiscence activity group

This group has been designed and written by us and draws on our experience of working with older adults.
Each group session plan has been developed to be suitable for people with a variety of abilities, including for those with dementia, and help to support memory, sensory function, confidence, communication, connection, as well as overall physical and emotional wellbeing. Activities include group discussion, food tasting, music, poetry and cognitive activities.
Our work has been published into a book entitled ‘The Multi-Sensory Reminiscence Activity Book: 52 Weekly Group Session Plans for Working with Older Adults’

‘I shall never forget the first time I saw the occupational therapists in action. They actually managed to get my mum joining in and talking. It was like they had switched her on again. It wasn’t just my mum, others found their voices again.’

Mrs R. (daughter of a group member)

‘Sophie and Sarah are an integral part of our team. They bring life, light and humour to our residents. They help us to build relationships with our residents which improves their lives.’

Carole Mc Namara Manager at Glendale Lodge, Kingsdown, Kent.

Environment Matters assessment and report

Falls risk assessment review and report

This service will involve an on site assessment and discussion on how areas within the residential care home are used. We then produce a report, “Environment Matters” which will include recommendations and advice.
In the report we will document practical advice on the safe and therapeutic use of both the internal and external environment.

General principles, and particular advice will be provided in the following areas:- signage, colour, lighting, furniture, flooring and orientation.

This service reviews your current Falls Risk assessments for individual residents.

For each resident that you identify as someone you would like included in this service, we review the existing Falls Risk assessment, meet the resident, look at their individual room and provide Occupational Therapy advice and recommendations (which may include equipment) to minimise their risk of falling.

In addition to this we will provide some general principles for your care setting environment to minimise the risk of falls for your residents.

We also offer these assessments:

Group supervision for Activity Co-ordinators

  • Seating assessment- to improve your sitting position, increase function and independence.
  • Mobility assessment- to assess your current situation and to make recommendations.
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Group supervision provides a forum for Activity Co-ordinators to share ideas, problem solve, learn new techniques and get to know others who work in a similar role.

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