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Occupational therapists use activity to treat people. We are healthcare professionals who help people of all ages to carry out tasks they want or need to do.

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Working with Adults

Illness, disability, or ageing can present challenges that make achieving everyday tasks more difficult. These activities can include any aspect of daily living from getting up in the morning to preparing a meal or simply continuing with a favourite hobby.
Occupational therapists may suggest techniques, strategies or aids and equipment to help improve or maintain health, well-being, and independence.

  • getting up in the morning
  • preparing a meal
  • using the bathroom
Being Productive
  • going to work
  • volunteering 
  • socialising
  • hobbies
what to expect

How Does it Work?


Information gathering

When you make an enquiry, we will ask for the information we need from you either by having a chat on the phone or by email.


Clear communication

We will clarify the cost for the initial assessment visit.


Pairing you with the best OT

We will then appoint the OT best qualified to help you and arrange a time for the assessment.


We won't keep you waiting

We will aim to offer you an appointment within a couple of weeks of your first contact with us.


Assessment begins

The OT will come to your home and meet with you to find out what difficulties you are experiencing. Often the OT will use an assessment specifically designed for the type of difficulties that you have told us about.


Report and recommendations

After the home visit assessment appointment, the OT will write a report which will then be sent to you. There will be recommendations in the report which may include follow up sessions with the OT.


A network of support

We can liaise with other health care professionals who are involved with your care.

Claire at Kent Occupational Therapy gave me confidence and was very kind and helpful. A first-class service!
Mr B
(mobility and access assessment for ssafa, the armed forces charity)

Why Choose Kent Occupational Therapy?

We're Friendly & Highly Skilled

We are a team of friendly, highly-skilled, experienced and specialist OTs.

We follow up your Enquiry quickly

We will ensure that we offer you the earliest available appointment with the therapist best suited to your needs.

We're Flexible

We work our appointments around you and your availability (including weekends).

We are Client-Focussed

Our philosophy of care is that our clients are at the centre of everything we do. We will always work hard for the best possible outcome.

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Accreditations & Qualifications

All Our
Occupational Therapists

Are specialists in their field
Are professional members of the Royal College of Occupational Therapy (RCOT)
Have degrees in Occupational Therapy
Are registered with the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council)
Are up to date with statutory training and maintain high continued professional development and clinical supervision standards.
Are all DBS checked
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Adult Assessments

Activities Of Daily Living Assessment

This assessment looks at the daily activities that you want or need to do and makes recommendations to help improve your independence with them, such as household tasks, looking after yourself, getting around and maintaining hobbies and interests.

Falls Risk Assessment

This assessment looks at how you can improve your safety around your home to minimise your risk of falling. This may include us recommending equipment.

Services For Those With Dementia

We offer specific activity advice and guidance for someone living with dementia and their carer.

Fatigue Management

This assessment looks at the activities that you need and want to do and make recommendations to help you manage your fatigue.

Returning Home Assessment

Are you due to return home after a stay in hospital or a care home and feel worried about how you are going to manage? This assessment at your home address offers recommendations to enable you to return home as safely and as independently as possible.

Interoception Awareness Assessment

Interoception awareness is the process of understanding and acting on internal sensations from your body, eg. the ability to sense hunger and thirst, helping you to develop self awareness and self regulation.

OT for Parkinson’s Disease

This assessment will look at your motivations and challenges. We will design a tailored, individual programme to enable you to continue to do the things you want and need to do in your life.

Seating/ Mobility Equipment Assessment

This assessment is used to make sure you are comfortable, safe, and that the seating/ mobility equipment you are using is meeting your needs. We work closely with a local mobility and equipment supplier, Cinque Ports Mobility and Healthcare.

OT for neurological impairment

Specialist occupational therapists who work within the field of neurology have the skills to fully assess and treat a range of complex neurological impairments due to conditions including MS, Parkinson’s, stroke; or as a result of injury to the brain and spinal cord.

Other assessments are available. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

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Other Services

Despite our name, we don’t just have occupational therapists working with us! We offer other therapies such as physiotherapy and music therapy.


We have physiotherapists as part of our team. Physiotherapy can help people of all ages to improve movement and function caused by injury, illness, or disability. We work closely with a private company that supplies mobility equipment and wheelchairs.

Music Therapy

We have music therapists as part of our team. Music therapy helps people of all ages and abilities and at all stages of life who may have been affected by injury, illness, or disability. The music therapist will get to know you and will help you to explore and connect with the world and express yourself in your own way through music.
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Services for those Living with Dementia

We offer specific activity advice and guidance for someone living with dementia and their carer including:
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Multi-Sensory Reminiscence Activities

If you or a loved one have recently had a diagnosis of dementia you may have been offered to attend a Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) course.
Our Multi-sensory reminiscence activities are based on the CST course. The sessions have been designed and written by us and draw on our experience of working with older adults. Each session is designed to help to support memory, sensory function, confidence, communication, connection, as well as overall wellbeing. Activities include conversation, food tasting, music, poetry, and cognitive activities.

dementia services

Life Story

We work with you to compile your memories, photographs and memorabilia to create your ‘Life Story’. This can then be used to help you enjoy and benefit from meaningful conversation and reminiscences with family members and friends/ carers.
dementia services

Activity Advice

We help you find ways to achieve and enjoy your hobbies and interests again. Or perhaps try some new ones!

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