Children’s Occupational Therapist and Sensory Integration Practitioner

Ellie Overton


Area of interest and relevant experience

I have a background working in mental and emotional health and so am interested to support individuals in reducing anxiety and returning to activities they may be finding difficult. I enjoy family work and working with parents as part of a team around their child. I have worked with ages three and above, enjoying the amazing potential of children in their early years, but also working with teenagers and adolescents! I have assessed children with dyspraxia, motor difficulties and autism and ADHD as well as looked after children who may have experienced trauma or developmental trauma. As a qualified sensory integration practitioner, I can advise on sensory strategies and adjustments to support a child, as well as provide direct Ayres Sensory Integration Therapy.


1st Class BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy, Oxford Brookes University 2009.

PGCert distinction Sensory Integration, Ulster University 2021.

How long have You worked with Kent Occupational therapy?

Joined the Kent Occupational Therapy Team in 2021.

what do you like about being an OT?

It is a privilege to meet so many unique children, young people, and families and to support them in understanding themselves and the impact of any health conditions on them. It is always a pleasure to see increased awareness and self-confidence as well as a greater ability to advocate for their needs and support. Sensory work and sensory integration can be a bit mystifying, with complex neuroscience, but when a child feels validated and understood and families can put some explanation to their behaviour it seems to be so empowering. I will always remember, a teenager doing a sensory questionnaire for the first time and sprawling on the paper in big letters.. “yes! This is me, all of this is me!” with a sigh of relief on their face.

Outside of work

I am a mum to a four-year-old active boy and am due to have another baby boy in May 2022 so I anticipate running after two! I am passionate about volunteering and community projects and enjoy working at a one day a week pop up community café in Canterbury. I particularly enjoy offering work experience and jobs for teenagers and adults with difficulties. Maternity leave will bring new challenges and a need to find some new passions and interests alongside looking after a baby.
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