Children's Occupational Therapist and Sensory Integration Practitioner

Leia Williams


Area of interest and relevant experience

Having been in love with my profession for almost 20 years I have experienced many areas including leading a busy A&E therapy team. My area of specialism is Sensory Integration and I am passionate about sensory needs in Early Years.


BSc Occupational Therapy CCCU 2005

Sensory Integration Practitionership PGDip 2023

When did you start working with Kent Occupational Therapy?


what do you like about being an OT?

I have always wanted to work in healthcare and initially planned on becoming a nurse. When I trained we were grouped with other healthcare professionals and having never heard of OT I was immediately enamoured by the idea that rather than ‘fixing’ something for someone, I could support them and give them the tools to do it for themselves. Gifting the steps to independence some people need. Whether that is promoting comfort at the end of life or promoting engagement at the beginning I take great reward from the successes of my clients. I see a 4 year old with autism who, when we met, offered no engagement, eye contact, verbalisation and was not toilet trained. Sleep was inconsistent and behaviour was challenging. I set it as my task to use this little girl as my Sensory Integration case study. With 6 months of Sensory Input and re-education of those around her about what her presentations were we now have a little girl who will point and give eye contact and offers over 20 contextual words. To see that this little lady has opened her eyes to the world simply because she is now able to see it because she is in a place to do so from a modulation point of view – that is the reason I became an OT – to support engagement, seeing a child genuinely smile at their mother and say “Mummy” when previously she barely registered other people around her. There’s no greater reward than that.

Outside of work

I am an absolute geek. I have a passion for comic books, fantasy and mythology. My mother gave me my names from Star Wars and Norse Mythology (Leia Freijya) so the interest was there from birth!
I enjoy making costumes for comic conventions as I used to cosplay a lot but am enjoying the creation rather than the conventions now.
I play a weekly game of Dungeons and Dragons with friends and have done for almost ten years, luckily technology helped us continue to play through life changes, moves and Covid.
Alongside this, I am a huge advocate for body positivity and regularly offer body positivity workshops and discuss building life back up after ostomy surgery as I am an ostomate myself.
I also enjoy Martial arts and I have Black belts in Brazilian and traditional Jujitsu.
I have to say that my biggest achievement is becoming a mum to a wildling of a girl. After a lot of IVF and some loss, a prem birth and a long NICU stay – (all of which spurred me to return to paediatrics – Thank you universe.) My little lady is my greatest work and my greatest exhaustion!

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