Samantha Humphrey


Area of interest and relevant experience

Neurology, rehabilitation work and paediatrics.
During my junior rotations, I’ve had a varied experience of specialities such as amputees, women’s health, oncology, ITU, MSK, trauma & orthopaedics & neurology. Post junior rotations I spent 7 years specialising in neurology at the Royal Free Hospital London, working with stroke patients, complex long stay ITU patients, vestibular, as well as working with muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis and people with spinal injuries to name a few. For the last 4 years I have been working in paediatrics, my foundations of working in adult neurology has given me good transferable skills within the paediatric area. I really enjoy and love both my job and the people I work with, be it patients or other professionals. I always endeavour to get the best out of people and I am always honest with my approach be that with parents, children, family members and the individual receiving the therapy.


BSc Hons Physiotherapy 

How long have You worked with Kent Occupational Therapy?

Since 2022.

what do you like about being an physiotherapist?

I thoroughly enjoy my job. I really do believe that I can get the best out of an individual even when they are at their lowest. I will push you even when you believe you can’t push no more – because I believe you can and you will achieve your goal.

Outside of work

I used to be a swimmer for my local town although never had the height on me to make me a real threat to others. I still swim now and even teach swimming as I also gained my teaching qualifications in my late teens.
I have a love of traveling and with my swim teaching qualification in my late teens took myself to the USA to lifeguard and teach swimming. I also travelled to India and Nepal where I got to explore my Mother’s home country for three months. Music is also another passion, and I have even combined the love of travel with music having seen the Rolling stones in Barcelona to Bonobo in New York.
My life currently sees me at home with my family, juggling work, house, school runs and extra-curricular activity drop-offs and pickups and not to forget our dog ‘Red’.

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